Growing or Setting Boundaries?

Setting boundaries is considered a good thing to do. To protect yourself against other people’s opinions, emotions, actions, that might harm you or intrude into your personal sphere, or energy field. Taking care of yourself. But contrary to what most people think, I believe that truly taking care of you can only be done by growing boundaries from inside out. […]

The Energy of the First Impression

When you with your energy field make contact with that of other people, there is always a sort of clash where the two fields meet. Your energy recognizes the other is different, the other person is not you. Just the fact that the other is not you makes a thin layer of more dense energy between you and the other […]

What does your Inner Seed tell you?

In the Inka spirituality the SEED is the metaphor for your true and complete Self, present as a potentiality inside of you, as a metaphysical seed. Like the seed of a tree holds all the information of the completely developed tree it will once be, so our inner seed holds all the information about our state of complete developed Self, […]

Living Your Gift is Loving It

  There are at least three ways to see your ‘gift’. The first one is ‘gift’ as something you happen to do very well, easily, without much effort. It is already there. This can make other people happy because of what you it brings them, but it does not make yoú extra happy or proud. It feels this is ‘just […]

Is your Unique Gift Blossoming?

  Originally I am a psychologist. In the days of my final studies (the ’80-s) there were quite serious professional fights going on between adherents of behaviourism and behavioural therapy (assuming the human being cannot be known on the inside and you can learn and unlearn everything), and client centered therapy (the opinion that the human being has inherent value […]

  A ritual to start the day with. This morning was the 22nd morning of my 36 days-ritual that has its origin in the Toltec (Mexican) tradition, ‘Tohuenyo’. It is not especially a morning ritual but I like to do it in the morning, to start the day with it. So Why, What and How…   The Why is easy. […]

Light & Heavy, a world of energy

  In my view of energy work, everything is energy. In the field of energies  we live in (and we ARE energy as well) there are different kinds of energies, and there is a qualification that defines how we experience and work with these energies: the continuum from totally light, to totally heavy. In this article I am mainly talking […]

7 manieren om te Gronden

Je leest het vaak: gronden is belangrijk. Als je goed gegrond bent, gaat alles beter. Gronden houdt in: stevig staan, met twee voeten op de grond, reëel zijn, nuchter en praktisch zijn, aards, helder. Maar ook: goed kunnen ontspannen. Loslaten wat niet meer nodig is, wat oud is of niet van jou. Goed gegrond zijn geldt als prettig en zelfs […]

Lichte en Zware Energie

    Onder “zware energie” versta ik energie die meer verdicht is, meer vorm heeft, meer vast is en minder stroomt, dan de lichte stromende energie die beweeglijk is, veranderend, minder vaste vorm heeft. Licht De puurste vormen van lichte stromende energie zijn zuiver bewustzijn, kosmische energie aan de ene kant, en aarde-energie en –voeding aan de andere kant. Je zou […]

Wensen doen, doelen stellen

  Een wens is niet altijd een doel, maar een doel is wel een wens…. Wat is het verschil? Ik bekijk wensen en doelen natuurlijk vanuit het werken met energie. In de trainingen die ik geef besteed ik regelmatig tijd en aandacht aan het hele proces van “wensen doen” ofwel je eigen werkelijkheid creëren. Wensen en doelen Als je een […]