Is your Unique Gift Blossoming?


Originally I am a psychologist. In the days of my final studies (the ’80-s) there were quite serious professional fights going on between adherents of behaviourism and behavioural therapy (assuming the human being cannot be known on the inside and you can learn and unlearn everything), and client centered therapy (the opinion that the human being has inherent value and the therapist follows the client’s process, which will show itself at a time that is right for the client).


The behaviourists considered a humans as a sort of black box, with the visible behaviour as the only aspect you can know and work with. The client centered therapists did almost the opposite: they suspected a beautiful inside, waiting to become visible when the client was ready in his or her process. I did not want to choose and consequently could not be a student in one of these schools of thought. My idea was to rise above the differences and find a common ground, a shared vision or a connecting feeling. I turned to coaching young people in their quest for finding themselves, sorting out who they really were and how to live in a way that would honour their life’s purpose and their unique gifts.


It is understandable that these therapists could not work together. These clashing views on therapy are a very strong example of what the Inka tradition would call a “third level vision”. Several levels of awareness develop throughout your lifetime, and some people grow a bit further than others. The levels are not better or worse, just like the growth phases of a flowering plant that are all very different. They depend on each other and no phase can be missed. But once you have grown your own flower and another person grows another flower, there is no right or wrong. There is diversity and the world is more beautiful with different colours and forms.


So how to grow your own flower, how to express your unique talents and make the world more beautiful with them? It is equally true that you have special qualities inside of you waiting to blossom at their own time, and that you can learn a lot about how to reinforce that process so that your blossoming will be even more beautiful.


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