Light & Heavy, a world of energy


In my view of energy work, everything is energy. In the field of energies  we live in (and we ARE energy as well) there are different kinds of energies, and there is a qualification that defines how we experience and work with these energies: the continuum from totally light, to totally heavy.

In this article I am mainly talking about the energy of our soul: thoughts, feelings, habits, actions, motivation, emotions. When everything is energy, of course the body is energy, nature is energy, stuff and houses and mountains and rivers are energy – but here I talk about the human soul, the field of information surrounding and penetrating the body, the information of your thinking, your feeling and your (inclination to) action, our intention and ways of connecting to others.

All these energies, and in particular the energy of the soul, consist of light and heavy energy. In this continuum from light to heavy the light energy is flowing, moving, changing, adapting and versatile. Heavy energy is more dense, more solid and defined, and can block the flow of light energy, expressing itself as recurring thoughts, fixed assumptions, and resistance to change.

To define a bit more: light does not refer to the light, or sunlight, and not to “little weight”. Heavy does not refer to a heavy feeling, and not to “a lot of weight”. And light energy is not the same as positive feelings, and heavy is not equal to negative feelings. So what is it?


Light energy

The purest forms of light flowing energy are: “cosmic energy” which is pure consciousness, and “earth energy” which is our fuel, our energetic food. A metaphor for these energies are pure sunlight, or the fresh pure air for light cosmic energy, and a water flow of a crystal clear river full of life force, or the nutrients of the earth, for the light and flowing earth energy.

In fact, the energies that are connected to these four forces of nature together make up the world we live in, a world consisting of light and heavy energies of different types, and a continuum from heavy to light, from denser definable energies to flowing and ever-changing.

The light energy of the flow of information and communication is connected to the energetic power of Wind (and air, and space); the energy of consciousness, awareness and feeling is connected to the energetic power of the Sun; the energy of form, of connection and emotion is connected to the energy of the Earth; and lastly the life force, vitality and energy of impulse is the energetic power of Water. And then, there is this fifth factor, the elusive mystical spark of life energy, of divine consciousness, of essence: the mystery that makes us be alive.

It must be said: light energy flowing through us feels mostly good, and heavy energy stuck in ourselves does not feel good. But that has nothing to do with positive or negative: an act of aggression can feel flowing and light for someone who is expressing his anger, and continuous happiness or wealth can become heavy and stuck when nothing is changing and there is no contrast anymore in life…

So light energy mostly connects to a feeling of wellbeing, while heavy energy connects to stagnation. But heavy and light are not bad or good – that depends on the person, and the situation.


Encountering the world

We have consciousness. We are aware of ourselves, of other people, of our surroundings. We think, we feel. We have our free will with which we make our choices, decisions on what we do, how we talk, how we express our feelings. From this awareness and free will we encounter the world around us. Our energy field, the energy bubble, meets other energy bubbles: of other people, of places, of animals, plants, trees, nature. Every time our own energy is meeting another energy bubble, especially when meeting a person, there is a conflict, a rubbing against each other of the two energy fields. A slight rub when the other person is just another frequency, another combination of energies than we ourselves are. More of a sanding rub when the other person is very different, the encounter is more difficult, the interaction is challenging…


Heavy energy

Every encounter results in heavy energy: the meeting of energies that are not compatible, not the same, or not in harmony, results in more density. This is the awareness of the other person being different, creating the experience of separation, of division. But it is also the creation of irritation, amazement, ideas, convictions, assumptions, excitement, longing, habits, rules, choices.

This heavy energy is not a bad thing: it creates the possibility of recognizing patterns, structure to hold on, a dependable fixed idea of the environment, and of the people we live with. The denser energies make it possible to get a grip on yourself and to work with the world and to take one step at a time.  The structures you recognize make it possible to predict patterns in the future. And that makes life a lot easier…

The point is that heavy energies should become light again as soon as they do not serve a purpose anymore: when your judgements start to hinder clear vision, when your emotions get in the way of being present in the moment, when fixed habits hinder reactions in the here and now.


Letting go

So what if these patterns, ideas, convictions and habits stay the same for a longer period? That would make the flexible adaptation to changes very hard. Our ideas and convictions would stay the same despite new experiences, new information. Or a habit would stay with us long after it has been a useful way to react to the surroundings. This is the point in time that heavy energy is becoming a nuisance, a burden or pressure. We feel the heavy emotions as irritation, depression or fear; we think in circles and worry about the same things over and over. Heavy energies that no longer serve us, are best let go of. Letting go is also popular: “go with the flow, relax to the max”. But how to do that?


Becoming aware

First of all: do not take it too literal. We do not literally let go, we do not give away parts of ourselves. What is needed is becoming aware of the heavy energies that no longer serve us. Realizing this is half the work. The other half of the energy work of letting go is to actively connect to something, some place, that feeds us energetically, that inspires, relaxes, or gives joy. It is connecting to whatever gives us more light, and moving, flowing energy, that makes us lighter. The energy stays, but becomes less dense, and the form is different. Letting go is the transformation of heavy into light, of density and unawareness into spaciousness, consciousness and more power.



In the end it is all a relative thing. Heavy is not negative (and light is not positive), so something that is heavy for one person could be a source of inspiration (and thus light energy) for another person. Take art, for example: the artist creates and gives form, and when the work of art is finished, it has become a fixed form, a heavy energy. The form is not changing anymore. But how much beauty can radiate from it, that is light energy for someone else! Also a book is heavy energy: once written, fixed sentences, printed words, are heavy energy: they do not change anymore. The writer does not know how the readers will interpret the book. But with a bit of luck the book will give other people inspiration, new ideas, or good feelings. The heavy energy of one person can be the inspiration of another person, and help to let his or her energy flow more, and become lighter.

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