Living Your Gift is Loving It


There are at least three ways to see your ‘gift’.

The first one is ‘gift’ as something you happen to do very well, easily, without much effort. It is already there.

This can make other people happy because of what you it brings them, but it does not make yoú extra happy or proud. It feels this is ‘just the way I am’.

A common example is the gift of making others feel comfortable and loved, when they are in your presence.

The second one is more like ’talent’: a gift as a quality in you that has not yet fully come into existence. You can feel this quality or capacity present, as a possibility, a potentiality.

Making this quality grow and blossom can be a challenge but it will bring you happiness and pride.

An example could be that you feel a calling to learn how to play the piano, and once you start practicing you find that you learn quickly, and you really like to do it.

The third kind of gift can be based in either the first or the second type, but it begins to really grow when there is an exchange with the people around you.

Finding out that your qualities and abilities are valued by others boosts your confidence and makes you realize that you bring something unique to the world that no one else can do in the same way. 

This is not just having a gift, or feeling what your gift is, it is really living your gift, bringing happiness and joy for both you and the people around you. People love it what you do. Living your gift is loving it!


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