Are you a holistic practitioner, a healer or therapist, or a leader working towards meaningful change and awareness?

Do you offer the people you work with personal growth, healing and transformation?

Do you want to offer the best of you, so you can help them find the best of themselves?

And could you use more clarity, personal power and concrete action steps in discovering what makes YOU special, in your professional career or business, AND in your personal unique ways of giving to others, to your clients, your colleagues and the bigger world? Do you not only want to know your gifts, and feel them, but also really LIVE them so that you can do and live what you were really meant for?


THIS is the place where you can find the tools and treasures to do that!

I can offer you the special and personalized programme

Discovering your Potential: 4 Steps to Living Your Gift

In a 6 month programme you can work with me on an individual basis to discover your Gifts in your personal and professional life, grow your unique personal qualities and find the way your gift(s) can contribute to a better world.

In at least 3 individual sessions a month you work with me on your own personal themes and challenges, supported by a learning portal with online lessons in energy-work and personal development, spiritual wisdom and practical guidance.

The programme can be done online or live in Amsterdam, in English or in Dutch, and asks for a time investment of around 4 hours a week.

Your guide and helper will be I: Margo Kistemaker. I am a psychologist-coach-healer and I have worked with people in processes of change and transformation since 1995. Firmly grounded in western life I offer my coaching tools, training methods and the wisdom of the spiritual traditions I work with to help you grow in the most complete and profound way possible.

This programme is an investment in your Self, your work, your life and your future.
Nothing will be the same when you truly start Living Your Gift. 

Currently I am working on the additional information for this website. If you are interested please email me at and I will contact you for a free Discovery session online or in Amsterdam in the next few days.