Are you a holistic practitioner, a healer or therapist, or a leader working towards meaningful change and awareness?

Do you offer the people you work with personal growth, healing and transformation?

Do you want to offer the best of you, so you can help them find the best of themselves?

And could you use more clarity, personal power and concrete action steps in discovering what makes YOU special, in your professional career or business, AND in your personal unique ways of giving to others, to your clients, your colleagues and the bigger world? Do you not only want to know your gifts, and feel them, but also really LIVE them so that you can do and live what you were really meant for?

THIS is the place where you can find the tools and treasures to do that!

I can offer you the special and personalized program

5 Steps to Living Your Gift

In a 6 month program you can work with me on an individual basis to discover your Gifts in your personal and professional life, grow your unique personal qualities and find the way your gift(s) can contribute to a better world.

In 2 individual sessions a month you work with me on your own personal themes and challenges, supported by a learning portal with online lessons in energy-work and personal development, spiritual wisdom and practical guidance.

The program can be done online or live in Amsterdam, in English or in Dutch, and asks for a time investment of around 4 hours a week.

Your guide and helper will be I: Margo Kistemaker. I am a psychologist-coach-healer and I have worked with people in processes of change and transformation since 1995. Firmly grounded in western life I offer my coaching tools, training methods and the wisdom of the spiritual traditions I work with to help you grow in the most complete and profound way possible.

This program is an investment in your Self, your work, your life and your future.
Nothing will be the same when you truly start Living Your Gift. 

If you are interested please email me at and I will contact you for a free Discovery session online or in Amsterdam in the next few days.


Is 6 months too long for you?
It is possible to make a “light” program of 3 months in which you make a solid start with the process of Living Your Gift. After the 3 months have ended you can choose to do an extra 3 months to continue the process.

Is 6 months not enough and do you need extra coaching or guidance, do you want to work on your business AND your personal life, or do you want to learn special abilities like healing or (basic) reading? We can extend the programme to a year and tailor it to your needs and wishes.



Background Information on the Core program: 5 Steps to Living your Gift


The main themes of this program are:

Getting clarity on your potential, your gift(s) you are able to bring to this life;

Getting grounded in and connected to the field of expertise you are developing your unique gift in;

Discovering your unique qualities and expertise, and developing the confidence to express those in the world in your life, business or career;

And finally working on how your unique gift can contribute to a better world, locally or on a bigger scale.

I see 5 steps as essential:

  1. Developing Vision, and finding your own Voice
  2. Connecting to your Core, your Essence
  3. Transformation of blocked energies, healing the past and the future
  4. Taking Action, making choices and taking concrete steps toward your goal
  5. Integration of the 4 steps, and evaluating the result: do you Live Your Gift, to what extent, and what will you work on now?

In the 6 month period we will likely do two “rounds” of these 5 steps, in order to come as close to Living Your Gift as is possible.

I like to work with YOU, if you are  

  • A coach, trainer, therapist, or otherwise engaged in helping people in transformation processes – or wanting to work in these fields;
  • Spiritually interested, having done some work on yourself, realizing that there is a lot more to discover and develop on the path to passion and purpose;
  • Ready to make a big step towards your next phase in life;
  • And if you are somewhere between 30 and 70 years of age, meaning: old enough to have a steady feeling of who you are, and young enough to enjoy making some significant changes in your life so that you can be LIVING YOUR GIFT in the next phase of your life!


The challenges you may face:

Maybe you have developed yourself in career or business in a certain direction, now realizing that this is only part of your story, and that something essential of who you are and what you could bring to the world has been lost on the way. You would really like to find this lost or hidden part of yourself and get it out into the open.

Or maybe you have done “okay”, but you feel there is really more to life than what you have been given and working with up till now, and you are really ready to discover your full potential. You realize that you want to develop yourself in a deeper way and want to express yourself fully.

You feel that if you do not make this change, you will be stuck in your life, in your relationships, in your career. Not being connected to who you truly are, not using your full potential and not living your gift, will keep you in a place where you cannot express yourself. You may feel stressed, low in energy, missing the spark you so long for.

Not living in accordance to your unique qualities and gifts holds you back and makes you feel low in self-confidence, less happy and joyous than you feel you could be.

I work mainly with women because they often feel they missed opportunities, so often having had broader responsibilities in for example taking care of a family, or helping others in their surroundings.

There is frustration of not being where you feel you could be, and NOW is the time to direct attention to your own personal, spiritual and business/career development.

You are ready for the NEXT STEP.

(But if you are a man, and you recognize the above, you are welcome!)


What can I promise you when you step into this program?

In totally committing to find your unique qualities and discover your gifts, uncovering the potential that is laying waiting for you, you will make huge steps.

You will hugely improve the quality of life in your personal circumstances, your relationships, your intimate friends. You will feel grounded and strong in yourself, able to feel your boundaries and act upon them. You will experience more harmony and clarity in your direct relationships and your connection to your partner and children, and/or your intimate friends will change for the better.

In your professional life you will see clearly where you stand and what you can do for others, be it your clients, your customers or your fellow workers. Your connection to your community and to the groups you have a bond with will grow, and at the same time you will know whether it is still the place for you to be, or whether you want and need to move on. You will discover the qualities and abilities you want to develop. At the same time you work on letting go of that what no longer serves you, so that you can more and more make the choices that fit your way of being.

In working on all this you will receive many tools and systems with which you can grow into the person you really are: your unique self. After these 6 months you will have a clear idea of who you are, what your gifts are to others and to the world, and how you want to express those. You have the tools to let go of blocked and old energy, transforming that what was heavy into light awareness, wisdom and lively experiences. You will know what to do next in order to grow more and more into the person that fully lives her (or his) potential. You will be able to give to others and to the world, while at the same time this is the best thing you could do for yourself.

You will feel much closer to your true calling, expressing the brilliancy of who you are, feeling free to share your unique contribution with others.


What do I need from you, so that you can work with me?

You need to be willing to do the work, inner and outer, that is needed to make the transition towards really Living Your Gift.

It will not be a quick fix, it will be a longer time you work in yourself, diving deeper into yourself, developing broader and extending your possibilities, until you are ready to fully express what makes you unique, and you spread your wings.

Along the way I am there to help and guide you, to work with you, be an inspiring sparring partner, offering you the tools and guidance you need to fully develop your potential.
I do this by working with you intensively on an individual basis, offering at least 3 times a month a session, being there when you need me, with an online learning program for energy work, spiritual and practical insights, self development and healing extra, available for you all these months and even a bit longer.

YOU will need to have the time, the inner space and the money to work with this program, in order to get the results you are so longing for.

The 6 months are always “enough”. You will set your goals in accordance with the pace you can work through your transformation. When you will have reached one goal, in an organic way you will see your next step, your next goal. Your growth may never end… In these 6 months you receive guidance, tools and systems and methods to discover, develop and act upon your special gifts, even long after you will have finished this program.


When will it not work out to work with Margo in this program? And when will it?

When you do not have the time or the money to engage in this program, it may be better to start at another moment or find another way to work on your desired change.

When you are against working with energetic, meditation and spiritual tools, it will be hard for us to cooperate. My main tools come from a spiritual background. However, I am a very sober, practical and no-nonsense person, so you do not have to be afraid of getting too woolly or soft.

When you do not do your work during or in between sessions, it may be a waste of time and money to be in this program. The 6 month program is a dive into the deep of your soul and has the potential of transforming your life and work in a profound way. This cannot be expressed solely in a number of hours a week. You will find that transformation takes place in more and less subtle ways, and that many aspects of your life, work and/or business may change in this process.

It will work out when you realize this and take on the challenge. In the process you will receive lots of help.


How am I (Margo) qualified to do this?

I have been working in my practice for coaching and counseling, energy-work and spiritual development since 1995. I have helped and guided many people in individual sessions, workshops and courses, and in teaching programs as long as three years.

I have studied clinical psychology, coaching and counseling, and have done years of training in energy-work with several renowned teachers in old wisdom traditions (I practised Chakra work, Inka tradition, Toltec and Buddhist tradition since many years, and at the moment I am in the 4th year of a 7 year training in Taoistic energy-work). It was a beautiful path to go, sometimes bumpy but always worthwhile, in the end. Integrating all I learned and experienced I have developed my own unique and special way of working with people. The basics of my approach are firmly grounded in the spiritual approach of the Peruvian Inka tradition.

Recently I have made some changes in my business so that I can now work with people in a very personalized and deep intensive way, in order to help them really make the changes that they wish for. I now use my own experience and knowledge to help others finding, developing and living their unique qualities, so that they feel they are truly on their path living their full potential.

You could say I am now Living my Gift!


What tools, methods and systems do I use?

Being a psychologist I have a lot of academic and practical knowledge of personal issues. From this background I use coaching and counseling as tools for gaining insight and starting transformation.

My main tools come form the spiritual traditions I have been working with since my youth. First as a personal interest, since 1988 as a path of spiritual development to which I was and still am strongly dedicated. The insights, practices and rituals of the Inka traditions have grown into my main vision, and I use those tools to help my clients make the steps they want and need.

These tools include meditation, energy work, insight in how human energy systems work, and spiritual practices – but only where they serve YOU, the client. What we do in the individual sessions is personal and gives you the space to create you own package of guidance, growth and development, so that you can make the big transformation that you long for in your own way.

As a basic program, supporting your process and helping you learn in a structured and clear way, I offer the online lessons that contain lots of tools, exercises and practices for transformation and growth. During the 6 months we can also work with different 0r extra modules or lessons specially created for you, depending on your process, choices and wishes.


People I have worked with are not only

  • Coaches, trainers, therapists and holistic practitioners,

But also:

  • Teachers and managers in education and health care;
  • Artists, theater actors and creative workers;
  • Entrepreneurs and people in responsible jobs;
  • Professionals and experts in specific fields;
  • Doctors and nurses, and health care therapists;
  • Sustainability consultants;
  • And many more.


What I offer:

A Path of Transformation: from living a not fulfilled life, to Living Your Gift!

How do I do that? 

In a program of 6 months, working on the 4 steps towards Opening your Potential, Living your Gift.

In these 6 months you work on making the 4 essential steps towards discovering your unique qualities and truly Living Your Gift. The program asks for a few hours of your time every week. Sessions are offered in the first 3 weeks of the month, leaving you the 4th week to catch up, integrate, and implement the steps you can take in your daily life. The amount of sessions and the duration is partly given by the structure of the program, partly free to adapt to your personal path.

Margo is available in the first 3 weeks of the month, with the option of a quick call whenever necessary in any moment. Everything in this program can be done online.
The sessions are on Zoom or Skype, and the online learning portal is presented in a way you can find your own moments to work on the modules, repeat whatever and whenever you want, and ask Margo questions with an easy chat function in the program.

If you happen to live close to Amsterdam sessions can be held “live” in Amsterdam, except for the weeks that Margo may be outside of Amsterdam (in which we will work online).

Three sessions during the period of the program are longer: we start with a “deep dive” getting clear on what you want and need to develop your potential. Halfway we repeat this, and towards the end of the program we schedule a longer session to work on how to integrate the knowledge and guidance in the next phase of your life.

In general you will need around 3 to 4 hours a week “special time” to work with all that is offered, including the personal sessions. Of course your internal processes could work you extra.

Everybody is different, and yet there are a lot of steps and learning points that are of great value to everyone. In the individual sessions there is a lot of space and time to work on your own special questions and challenges, and to receive personalized material when appropriate. We will monitor your process so that it is not too fast, and not too slow.


Is this 6 months program too much, too long, too expensive right now?

You can also choose to work with only half of the program (3 months), and/or work “half time” to have more time and space.
However, the BEST RESULTS are in the intensive 6 months program! Only then you make ALL the steps, and the process will be the deepest and the guidance will be the most effective.
In a personal first (and free) session we will discover what works best for you.


The supporting online lessons-program:

First 3 months (Basics, Step 1 and 2): Discover your Life’s Purpose.
Basics of Working with Energy and Discovering Who you Really Are.

With step “Basics”:

  1. Grounding yourself, taking your place; letting go of heavy energies, old judgements, thoughts and mindset, and developing a true connection to your self, supported by your surroundings.
  2. Growing, boundaries, taking your place
  3. Who are you. 3 types of power fields

With Step 1:

  1. Core, essence. Levels of growing consciousness and personal power
  2. Growing more – to flower, to flourish
  3. How to handle encounter, connection, and heavy energies

With Step 2:

  1. Connecting to people like you, people not like you. Transference, projections.
  2. Opening the heart. Healing your past, part 1.
  3. Fields of energy, and finding your life’s purpose (part 1)


Second 3 months (Step 3 and 4, and Integration): Developing Yourself and Growing your Gifts. Advanced Energy-work to discover and develop your unique qualities to serve yourself, your community and the bigger world.

With Step 3 (part 1):

  1. Your 7 inner powers. Growing your strength.
  2. Transformation of hidden energies. Finding your hidden potential.
  3. Finding your Destiny.

With Step 3 (part 2):

  1. Your 7 inner powers. Finding helpers, and expressing your power
  2. Being who you are (right now, and in essence)
  3. Fine tuning of your energy field

With Step 4:

  1. Integration and plan for action
  2. Creating the plan for the next steps in your life
  3. Living your Gift