The Energy of the First Impression

When you with your energy field make contact with that of other people, there is always a sort of clash where the two fields meet. Your energy recognizes the other is different, the other person is not you. Just the fact that the other is not you makes a thin layer of more dense energy between you and the other person.
The energy maybe in harmony, but it may also be different and cause resistance, wonder, irritation or admiration. It could be a positive or a more negative emotion that you are feeling. This tells you nothing about the other person, and it tells you nothing about you, it only tells you that the energies are different. There is a danger that this first impression gets stuck, and you cannot let go easily.
In order to really meet, to really find out about the brilliance and beautiful qualties of the other, you need to get past this first impression. Behind the outer layer of the first impression you can find the true self of the other person, and of yourself of course. And how great would it be to have these two meet, sharing their true qualities.
To get closer to this kind of encounter Inka energy work offers a practice that is called “eating heavy energy”. Instead of pushing heavy stuff away, or making your boundaries more rigid, you open yourself for the heavy energies that have risen between you and the other person, and you “eat and digest” them. This is done by intentionally and energetically opening your (energetic) stomach and taking the heavy stuff in: ingesting irritation, clash, differences, wondering about the other. Everything that comes in mind could be the heavy denser energies you want to get out of the way.
Then, from your intention, your energetic stomach will digest these heavy energies, splitting them into on the one hand the light valuable stuff that is in it, and on the other hand the real heavy unpalatable energies that you then let go of. The light stuff will fill your energy bubble and make you stronger from the inside, creating organic boundaries that will help you meet others from a clear place and keep your energy strong and healthy.
This way you can get past the first impression, and meet each other as you really are. Mind this: it is a common and normal process that you create heavy or denser energies in meeting others. It always happens – but it is also always great to clean them and to make your connection more light, more clear and more open! That way we can bring our deeper qualties to the encounter and to the world.
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