What does your Inner Seed tell you?

In the Inka spirituality the SEED is the metaphor for your true and complete Self, present as a potentiality inside of you, as a metaphysical seed. Like the seed of a tree holds all the information of the completely developed tree it will once be, so our inner seed holds all the information about our state of complete developed Self, or enlightened self.
The seed is like a drop of divine consciousness inside our earthly body. Living a life on earth makes it possible to germinate the seed, and grow our own tree, our own Tree of Life, metaphor for the Self.
The seed is pure intention. It is the intention to become the embodiment of your highest and most beautiful qualities, the expression of the unique YOU.
When you do not know what to do in times of making an important decision, or standing on a crossroads, or feeling you are in a phase of transition, you can turn to your seed to get direction. Your seed already has all the information, so if you could access that you would get your answers.
Like a compass needle will point to the north no matter what, so your seed will point to the fully developed unique you. No matter what.
And just like you won’t travel north all the time, not all of your choices and steps in life will immediately lead you to your enlightenment. But when you know the direction, you can discriminate between the choices that will bring you closer, and the ones that will lead you away from where you want to go.
All you need to do, to learn, to practice, is to connect with your inner seed, and stay connected. Knowing this is not enough. Real connection with your seed is feeling it, listening to the information, and acting on it.
What does your Inner Seed tell you?
DO YOU connect to your Seed, your sense of purpose? Do you know where you are going?

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