There are several options to work with me personally.

The overall theme for directing the outcome of working with me is
“Find Your Purpose, Feel Your Passion, Live Your Gift”. 

Living Your Gift is a lifelong project…


How to start?

  • Apply for a Free Discovery Call: one hour live in Amsterdam or online on Skype, Zoom or Phone to get clear on your question and my options to help you find your answer or outcome.
    This Free Discovery Call can lead you into working with me in a 6 month program (or longer), in a shorter program, or in signing up for one of my workshops, online courses or training programs. It could also be I advise you to go find help elsewhere to continue your path.
  • Book a “test drive session” of a 1.5 to 2 hours individual session in which we will focus on one clearly defined theme. You can experience my approach, find an answer to your question and start to see the possible benefits from working with me a longer period.
    This can be a first step into a longer collaboration with me, or it could be enough to get you started with what is now right for you to take action on.
  • To start booking results, I offer my VIP Intensive – day. One whole day of undivided attention for you and the issue you want to work on, with a focus on getting a clear picture of what your next step will be, discover what is holding you back, and at least one clear way of getting that blocked energy out of your system.
    This Intensive can be followed by one or two sessions in the months following the Intensive day, to integrate and be really clear on what to do next.
  • Living Your Gift: a highly personalized program of 6 months working intensively with me on a deeper level. You feel the drive for getting really clear on your purpose, to re-ignite your passion, to contribute to the world from the level of your true Self, deep within. An Intensive, at least twice a month a personal session, and the support of an online learning modules platform with background knowledge, energy work, practical assignments and advice, and meditations for inner work. When you work with me for 6 month (or even longer in some cases) you will get a highly personalized package we tailor and adjust to your needs and wants along the way.

    In some cases we agree on working together in a 3 month program, to get a good start in the process of finding your purpose and re-igniting your passion.
    For some of you a program longer than 6 months could be a better option, working also on your business and/or developing your professional skills.